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Who We Are: Christian disciples living into our baptismal covenant
Loving community of mutual support and fellowship
Thoughtful students and teachers of Holy Scripture
Faithful servants to the needy and oppressed
A Church appreciating a rich tradition of worship, music, and prayer
Family recognizing that every generation has gifts to share and a faith to nurish.

St. James is an Episcopal congregation in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, a part of the Episcopal Church of the USA and members of the world wide Anglican Communion. Our denomination is also in communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America (ELCA). The Episcopal Church is one of the many Christian Faith Journeys open to those believing in God and are seeking peace and harmony with their fellow humans. The basis for our theology is tradition, reason and God’s word as found in the Holy Scriptures. We have a sacramental and liturgical form of worship. Every worship, we make sure that the place is well-maintained through the help of a carpet cleaning service from Vancouver while the exterior is being managed by Kerrisdale Roofing and Drains and Remdal.

Special Thanks to the Support of: